RGB-5i Standard And Intelligent Fixed Dimmer Racks

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RGB-5i Standard And Intelligent Fixed Dimmer Racks

Product Category: Dimmer Racks
Leading Performance:
· Complies with the National GB/T13582-92, GB/T14218-93, GB/T15734-1995 Quality
Testing Standard.
· Connects the Ethernet via DMX network, connects internet for network remote control
further innovative.
· Dual CPU digital triggering systems with high stability, avoid the influence of voltage
fluctuation and intensive electromagnetic wave interference, field maintenance for
power-fail and signal-fail.
· Dual decoders, dual triggerings, dulplexing, full tracking backup, switches intelligently
between the main and assistant decoders so as to guarantee the high stability of dimmer
· System status telemetry and reporting: measures and reports such system status
parameters as the temperature of rack and dimmer, dimmer output voltage and so on,
reports emergencies of abnormal working units and their status so as to remove fault
rapidly and conveniently (choose freely).
· Import thyristorof high quality, newly-designed encapsulated module, supports direct
short photoelectricityinsulation input which avoids high voltage importing the control port
to influence the work of lighting consoles.
· Efficient magnetic ring with Excellent anti-jamming performance.
· Excellent centrifugal exhaust radiator system.
· Two incoming ways so as to convenient for customers from the limitation of output.
· Optional 60 channels (6KW/channel), 96 channels (6KW/channel).
Technical Parameter
Power supply: 3 phases 4 wires, with ground wire, monophaseat 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Control signal: DMX-512(1990) signal
Rated power: 28A, 6KW/channel
Installation size: 5i 60 channels: 645×600×1600(mm)
5i 96 channels: 645×600×2040(mm)
Weight:5i 96 channels: 409.6kg